A Scout Is Courteous – All Summer Long!

A note from Jeff Berger,
NCAC Deputy Scout Executive

Summer is one of Scouting’s most active times. As we prepare for the camping season and lots of active play and adventure, our youth members are ready to run, especially during unscheduled time. Before they do, please remind your Scouts to be mindful and courteous of those around them. This additional attention will help prevent accidents or mishaps that can dampen an otherwise positive experience.

As one of my leaders liked to remind us, “Rocks don’t have wings!” It was a simple and amusing way to remind all of us not to throw rocks. It worked, and to this day I find myself repeating this kind, yet direct, maxim to remind Scouts to be careful of others and their surroundings.

Another great Scouting tradition is asking permission to enter a unit’s campsite. Calls from the front of the campsite or gateway of “Permission to enter?”, and the returning “Permission Granted” are gentle lessons that help Scouts be courteous of a unit’s weekend (or week-long) home in the outdoors. It reminds us that no one should enter another’s space without permission, and certainly not when no one is present. A unit’s campsite and personal belongings are off-limits from prying eyes and curious hands. A reminder that Scouting is a safe haven and we all live under the guidance of the Scout Oath and Law.

Thank you for sharing this message with all of the youth members. We are all bound as Scouts to the Code of Conduct that has been with us since the founding of our program. Together, let us each do our part to make this summer safe and secure for all members of the Scouting family.