Outdoor Ethics activity at Great Falls Park

In the spirit of BSA’s recently renewed agreement with the National Park Service, take a look at what some of our Scouts are doing to keep our wilderness beautiful!

Powhatan District scouts and their families joined NPS Ranger, Eagle Scout, Leave No Trace Master Educator Andrew Turner Au and Powhatan District’s Outdoor Ethics Advocate Sara Holtz for a ‘behind the scenes’ visit and Leave No Trace activity at Great Falls Park


Participants watched a film about Great Falls, said the Outdoor Code in unison, reviewed the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, and went outside to pick up garbage. The group practiced Outdoor Ethics by splitting into two smaller groups rather than hike as a group of  30, staying on the trails, being respectful of wildlife and other people, picking up garbage,… By participating in this NPS/BSA event, scouts earned a Scout Ranger certificate and completed requirement 5 for the Outdoor Ethics Awareness award.


Outdoor Ethics is the umbrella term for how a Scout relates to the outdoors. The Outdoor Code is Scouting’s aspirational statement of Outdoor Ethics. To support the Outdoor Code with proven principles and skills, Scouting has incorporated Leave No Trace, for non-motorized outdoor activities, and Tread Lightly!, for motorized activities and shooting sports. The Land Ethic challenges us to be committed to conservation and stewardship of our environment.