Scout Jumuah 2017

Every year young scouts get together to learn and celebrate the differences we all have. Of these differences, religion plays a big part. Christian scouts celebrate Scout Sunday and Jewish scouts celebrate Scout Sabbath, both in respect to their religious days of the week.

So what about Muslim Scouts? While not yet recognized by BSA, some Muslims celebrate Scout Jumuah. Jumuah is an Arabic term that means “assembly” or “congregation. It’s come to mean “Friday” and is also used to mention the Friday prayers that Muslims pray in a masjid, or mosque, on Friday afternoons.

Scout Jumuah will take place on Friday, February 10, 2017, however every unit can still celebrate on another Friday that best suits them. For more information on Scout Jumuah and how you can obtain the Scout Jumuah patch, please visit

There are multiple different ways Muslim scouting units can participate. Holding a small service project to better their community is one idea, scouts can also wear their uniform for the whole day and be proud to be a Muslim Scout for another, or they can set up an info booth at their mosque at the time of Jumuah Prayers. These are just some of the many events that can take place during this day.

Everyone has something to contribute to the world. We always spend time promoting what we each believe in to others. These scouting days are more than that, it’s a day to acknowledge for yourself that yes, this is who I am and reiterate why it is you believe in what you do while enjoying the company of people who think the same way.