Pinewood Derby Build Day at Sally’s STEM Shack on Camp Snyder

You are cordially invited to join us for a Pinewood Derby Car build day.  The National Capital Area Council recently opened up a makerspace at Camp Snyder called Sally’s STEM Shack.  The STEM Shack was designed with your Cub Scouts and their Pinewood Derby Cars in mind!

The PWD Build day will comprise of 4 build sessions.  Each 1 ½ hour session will provide Cub Scouts with an opportunity to learn how to design and build their Pinewood Derby cars using traditional hand tools (e.g. coping saw), power tools (e.g. scroll saw) and digital manufacturing tools (e.g. 3D printer, CNC mill, CAD/CAM).   Sessions are for scouts Wolf and older and will require active adult participation.

Register Here:

Not building a car, but want to to drop by just to see what the STEM Shack is all about? Please feel free to do so! We’ll also have the open house from 10AM – 2:30PM on Saturday January 7, 2017.