How to Get Your Unit Out Rock Climbing in 2016!

Maybe you were an avid climber in college, but let’s be fair you’re not in your roaring twenties anymore and need a refresher.  Or you’ve been to the gym a bunch and are comfortable belaying but would like to get your scouts outdoors enjoying some camping and climbing..  Or maybe you’re just psyched to get your unit outdoors climbing?  There are countless options coodinated by the NCAC Climbing Committee as well as from local gyms, universities, outdoor equipment retailers, and of course the awesome guide services in the area!

The Climbing Committee has worked hard to make training practical and readily available and explore options for gear and other opportunities to make sure climbing can become part of your unit’s “outdoor DNA” in 2016!


If you’re a recreational climber with strong technical skills study up online at our portal ( to get your “book learning” complete on topics like risk management, BSA inventory policies and other program fundamentals–all at your on pace at times convenient for you!  If you’re interested in developing your skills the Committee coordinates monthly sessions hosted by local troops and climbing gyms to build your basic skills and confidence. When you are ready to put your technical skills and understanding of BSA program policies to the test, we have weekend sessions to assess level 1 instructor training for support of climbing activities, as well as, level 2 instructors for leading climbing activities.  When you are ready to complete your climbing instructor training, watch the calendar for an upcoming training assessment or contact the Committee Chair to discuss scheduling.


ARG.. gear and equipment… it’s costly to acquire and keep up with.  The Committee announced in 2015 availability of a top rope kit for units to use at designated natural sites.  If you are doing Climbing Instructor level 1 or 2 training you will receive instruction and an “endorsement” for use of the kit.  With an appropriate number of qualified instructors you can plan an event economically and start getting your units outdoors climbing this year.


Gear and training are fundamental to an independent climbing program for a unit.  If your unit isn’t quite there yet but is interested in getting started climbing in 2016, the Committee coordinates climbing campouts, knot and belaycraft games and training sessions, and climbing events at local gyms for interested Scouts and Scouters.  Checkout the Climbing Committee’s photo albums for pictures of past climbing campouts at places like Elizabeth’s Furnace, Big Schloss (Wolf Gap Rec Area), Seneca Rocks, Troop 1076 Knot and Belaycraft Clinics, and climbing meetups hosted at local gyms like Sportrock-Alexandria.


If you’ve had certifications in the past NCAC continuing learning program can ensure that you have opportunities to maintain and improve your skills and keep your training certifications up to date.  Take a look at what the national BSA Task Force uses for their Continuing Ed for Climbing Directors and feel free to comment what the NCAC program ought to look like.


See last year’s post (below) and other archived content from the Climbing Committee on the depreciated NCAC website.