Looking for Where to Log In?

We have great news! Login is no longer necessary on our new NCAC website! Due to popular demand, we have done away with that requirement. However, if you are looking for some other resources, here’s where to find them:

  • Internet Advancement is found HERE where you will need your Unit ID and password. Go to the Internet Advancement page for more information and instructions 
  • To take trainings like Youth Protection, go to the my.scouting.org site and either sign up, or enter your username and password. We do not have access to your username and password resets so call the National Council for that information at 972-580-2000.
  • For Internet Rechartering, Click here. If you need information on your access code or login, contact your District Commissioner or District Executive.
  • Black Pug, our registration system offers the “Upload a Roster” feature. It allows you to bulk upload your unit roster so that you can register your scouts more quickly and easily. This is optional and you will create a new login for your unit the first time you use it. We do not have access to those usernames but you will have the information in your email.