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Adult Awards

Training Awards Service Awards Miniature Device Wearing medals and embroidered knots

Training Awards

The council is proud to recognize adult leaders who give their time and energy to Scouting. Use the linked recognition cards to assist in keeping track of the requirements. It also serves as a record of achievement.
Scouter's Key patch
Cub Scouters
Training Award
Scotuer's Training Award patch
Den Leader
Awardden leader training award patch
* May be earned for each type of den. Tiger, Cub, and Webelos devices used to denote each time earned.
Scouter's Key patch
Boy Scout
Training Award
Scotuer's Training Award patch
Unit Leader
Award of Merit
* Unit Leader Award of Merit patch * May be earned for each type of unit, Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew.
Coach’s Key Scouter's Key patch Varsity Training Award Scotuer's Training Award patch
Advisor’s Key Scouter's Key patch Venturing Training Award Scotuer's Training Award patch
Scouter's Key patch
Sea Scouting
Training Award
Scotuer's Training Award patch
Sea Badge

Sea Badge patch

District Committee
Scouter's Key patch
District Committee
Training Award
Scotuer's Training Award patch
Commissioner’s Key

Unit Commissioner;
Roundtable/Assistant Roundtable Commissioner;
Assistant District/Council Commissioner ‐ Roundtable;
District/Assistant District Commissioners;
Council/Assistant Council Commissioners

Scouter's Key patch

Arrowhead Award

Unit Commissioner
Assistant Roundtable Commissioner
Roundtable Commissioner
Assistant District Commissioner – Roundtable
Assistant District Commissioner
District Commissioner
Assistant Council Commissioner – Roundtable
Assistant Council Commissioner
Council Commissioner
Area Commissioner
Regional Commissioner
Commissioner's Arrowhead Award patch

Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service patch Distinguished Commissioner Service AwardDistinguished Commissioner Award Doctorate of Commissioner Science AwardDoctorate of Commissioner Science patch

Service Awards

The council is proud to recognize adult leaders who have been nominated and recognized for their time and efforts on behave of the Scouting programs and youth in their community. Some the recognition below is based on awards received from religious and other community organizations. Below are links to more information on how to nominate your fellow Scouters for these awards.
William D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Award*
William D. Boyce Award patch
* Devices indicate types of new units.
Award of Merit

District Award of Merit patch
Venturing Leadership
Venturing Leadership Award patch* Award many be presented by council, area, region and national.
Silver Beaver Award
Silver Beaver Award patch
Silver Antelope Award
Silver Antelope Award patch
Silver Buffalo Award
Silver Buffalo Award patch
Silver World

Silver World Award patch
Adult Religious
Service Award

Adult Religous Award patch
International Scouter Award
International Scouter Award patch

Alumni Award patch
Philmont Training Center
Master Track Award

Philmont Training Center Master Track Award patch
Community Organization Award
Community Organization Award patch
George Meany

George Meany Award patch
Scouting Service Award

Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award
¡Scouting … Vale La Pena! Service Award
Whitney M. Young Jr.
American Indian Scouting Association Grey Wolf Award
Special Needs Scouting

Miniature Devices

Some awards can be earned from different programs. For these awards a miniature pin device can be worn which indicates the program phase where the award was earned. One does not wear multiple copies of the same square knot, but can wear multiple device pins on a square knot.
Tiger miniture device pin
Cub ScoutCub Scout miniature pin device WebelosWebelos miniature pin device Boy ScoutBoy Scout miniature pin device
VarsityVarsity miniature pin device VenturingVenturing miniature pin device Sea Scouting
Sea Scouting miniature pin device
ExploringExploring miniature pin device
Commissioner CorpsCommissioner's miniature pin device District CommitteeDistrict Committee miniature pin device
**These devices are shown larger than actual size.**

Wearing medals and embroidered knots

Image of how to wear medals and knots above the left pocketOnly five medals may be worn at a time pinned in a single row immediately above the seam of the left pocket. Knots are worn above the left pocket in rows of three. The order of wearing of medals and knots is at the discretion of the wearer. It is suggested that the medal or knot deemed most important by the wearer be worn on his or her own right. Embroidered knots are representative of pin-on medals or around-the-neck awards and are designed for the convenience of the wearer. In the case of the District Award of Merit and Professional Training Award, the knot is the only wearable insignia. The knots are listed here in alphabetical order.Image showing that the loop in front should be on the wearer's right side, and the loop in the back of the standing part should be towards the wearer's left side.The loop of the embroidered square knot that comes in front of the standing part is always to the wearer’s right. In knots where both strands are the same color and therefore difficult to distinguish which strand comes in front, use the above drawing to determine wearer’s right. Knots are worn with the distinguishing color (not white) toward the wearer’s right.Diagram showing the pattern to place award knots above the wearer's left pocket.