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Nova Awards are handled at the unit level. The Counselor should fill out a unit advancement report (as Cubs would with adventures, for example) and submit this to the Unit Advancement Chair. Units may recognize the Novas earned at a Blue and Gold, or other Advancement Recognition night.

Supernova Awards are processed at the Council level. The Mentor should submit:

1) a Supernova Application*

2) Supernova Info sheet (such as the below)** or workbook copy to the District STEM Coordinator.

In addition to the Supernova Application, you must submit either:

3) a gold card signed by the mentor which shows which requirements the scout did
4) ANY supplemental info be it a worksheet with the Scout’s original work, scribbles, a line from the mentor saying what the scout did, or even a picture


In the absence of a District STEM Coordinator, please email all parts of the Supernova application to
The Council STEM Committee will review and approve the Award; and mail a Supernova Certificate for the Scout. Turnaround for this process is 2-3 weeks. The unit may then show this Certificate to the Scout Store in order to purchase the Scout’s Supernova medal. Units may recognize the Novas earned at a Blue and Gold, or other Advancement Recognition night.

* Please note: the unit leader and Supernova Mentor’s signatures must be obtained on the Supernova application when submitting to your District STEM Coordinator. The remaining signatures (Council/District Advancement Committee’s signature and Scout Executive’s signature) will be obtained by the STEM Coordinators.

** The Supernova application must be accompanied by either the appropriate info sheet (attached below), or a copy of any workbook the Scout may have used, even informal.
Dr Luis W Alvarez_fillable form | Webelos Dr Charles H Townes_fillable form |