Danielle Ballantine is 2019 NCAC Recipient of Robert L. Dice Silver Deans Award

Danielle Ballantine was recognized this afternoon during the 2018 NCAC Commissioner College as the 2019 NCAC Recipient of the Robert L. Dice Silver Deans Award.  This silver award recognizes a Scouter who has served as commissioner for more than 3 years and has spent a substantial portion of time educating and training commissioners.

This year’s silver award recipient, Danielle Ballantine, entered commissioner service nearly 10 years ago as a unit commissioner.  She became a Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner 7 years ago.  Last year she stepped up to be the ADC for Roundtable for Patuxent District.

Julea Mae-Shen Farr, Dean NCAC Commissioner College, with the help of NCAC Council Commissioner, “Rick” Rogers, presented the Silver Award to Patuxent District’s own, a dedicated trainer, past recipient of the Andrew Grafton Exceptional Trainer Award, and a Scouter known for running Trainer’s EDGE for youth and adults, Danielle Ballantine.