Many Are Called, Few Will Triumph

Saturday, MARCH 9, 2019

Colonial District’s CAT-40 hike is a high adventure activity on the Potomac River’s scenic Mount Vernon Trail.  The 40km hike is equivalent to walking a marathon; successful completion will require adult leaders to ensure that Scouts are prepared for this distance through shakedown hikes.  The 20km hike (HALF-CAT) provides an opportunity for younger Scouts to develop and test their endurance in a safe-to-fail environment.  The hike is “supported”, meaning there are Support Stops along the way that provide food, drink, first aid, encouragement, and bail-out options.  The hike can also be used as a team-building and training event for Lenhoksin, Philmont, or other backpacking adventures.

A flyer with more details is availableA Leader Guide is available on the NCAC website.

Registration is now open at: