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Peg the Needle
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Council Commissioner
Ed Yarbrough

Pegging the Needle


The initiative for all commissioners across the country to visit every unit during the month of June to assess the opinions of our units as a result of the membership standards change has started. I received several packages of information from National and Regional Commissioner leadership yesterday and the National Commissioner website has these items also. I have included all of them that I have received for your convenience.

The initiative is called "Peg the Needle” in reference to the JTE UVTS dial. I do not consider it a trite catch phrase but a measure of the magnitude and importance of the task at hand that only commissioners have the capability nationwide to do. I sat in a room of a hundred Council and Regional commissioners from Councils of every shape and size on the final day of the National Meeting and we all agreed with Tico that we can do this.

To summarize the task:

Visit every unit by 30 June to assess its current health as you would on any visit with these added tasks:

  • Determine, by what you hear, whether or not the unit is "at risk" as a result of the new membership standard that take effect on January 1, 2014, and record your assessment of the level of risk.
  • Record any impact the new membership standard will have on current youth or adult membership.
  • Collect any questions about the membership standard that remains unanswered. We will not have all the answers now just a week after the decision, we want to get all the questions that they want answers for, and we will get them from National, with guidance from NCAC leadership.
  • All this needs to get thoroughly recorded in your visit records and each UVTS entry must have "For the Kids” in the commentary line

I am asking each and every one of you and your staffs to join with me in visiting 100% of our units by the end of June to fully assess the impact of this new policy that takes full effect by January 2014. We have the strength of numbers to make this happen like no other Council in this country and I will visit units too. We must all remember we are not debating the new membership standard with our units. That decision has been made. But we are actively listening to the units and the concerns that they have and want better understand of as they make decisions about their continued association with Scouting.

I am going to hold a telecon with the ACCs this week on this task to clarify any issues, and I understand there may be more guidance as a result of a 5 June Regional Commissioners telecon.

May God give his blessings on this task that will give us direct insight into the state – and future - of the Scouting movement we have so long associated ourselves and our families with.




The following documents may be of assistance as you help Peg the Needle:

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