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Venturing Program Changes
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New Award Names Announced


The four new awards replacing the current Bronze, Gold and Silver are: Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit awards.

The new program—to be released in full at the National Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn., May 21–23, 2014—is built around progressive experiences in the focus areas of Adventure, Leadership, Service, and Personal Growth.


Bronze, Gold, Silver awards:

  • - Venturers may continue working on them until Dec. 31, 2014.
    - Venturers must start working on the new awards beginning on Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit awards:
    - All Venturers may begin working on them in May 2014.
    - Current Venturers would skip the Venturing Award and begin with working on theDiscovery Award (previously known by the temporary title Level II), regardless of whether they’ve earned the Bronze, Gold and/or Silver awards.
    - New Venturers would begin with the Venturing Award (previously known by the temporary title Level I).
    - All Venturers must begin using the new awards beginning on Jan. 1, 2015.

Read more about the new Award names. Click here.

More details on Venturing program changes are here.


Effective Dates Announced for Scout Oath and Law Change

Last year, the National Executive Board passed a resolution that, in support of the mission of the Boy Scouts of America, all programs would begin using the Scout Oath and Law. Recently, there have been a number of questions about the effective date of this change, which primarily affects Cub Scouting and Venturing. The resolution reads, in part: "effective with the release of youth handbooks and leader aids supporting this and other changes related to Strategic Plan Goal 411.” The release of these materials (and the effective date of the change) will be May 2014 for Venturing and May 2015 for Cub Scouting.


 Venturing Program Announcement May 2013


Here are some highlights:

There are six areas of recommendation and change:

  1. Creation of a National Venturing Committee with a key three structure reporting to the Council Operations Support Committee and connected to local councils thru regional Venturing chairs. Nominations process is currently underway.
  2. Redevelopment of the Venturing JTE goals and structure to specifically build focus and support for membership growth and quality program implementation.
  3. A revision of the Venturing program structure, including recognition awards and requirements to be more supporting of youth interests and future needs.
  4. Beginning to report Varsity membership with the balance of BSA’s older youth programs – Venturing and Sea Scouts. This will begin in 2014 and is administrative only, no changes in the Varsity program.
  5. Adult training is being modified to separate position specific training for committee members from advisors. Current youth training receives some changes to make it more Venturing specific and importantly a number of new trainings/experiences are added to support the new program requirements.
  6. The use of the Scout Oath and Law and the Scout sign and salute and an increase emphasis on uniforming – developed by National Supply or of crew design, round out the recommendations.


  Venturing Age/Grade Eligibility Change

The National Executive Board recently approved a resolution to change the eligibility requirements for Venturing to ensure consistency among Venturing, high-adventure bases, and other core programs.
The current age and grade eligibility requirement for participation in the Venturing program is 14 years of age and completion of the eighth grade.

Effective May 1, 2010, the minimum age requirement will be changed to 14 years of age, or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade. The maximum age for participation remains under 21 years of age.
In support of this change, is a list of frequently asked questions posted here. This includes questions about Sea Scouts, advancement, changes to literature and forms, camp eligibility and Boy Scout numbers.

National Commissioner's Podcast
A Look at Sea Scouting - Summer 2008

Discussion of what commissioners should know about Sea Scouts18 minutes -Requires podcast software.Search the Internet for "podcast client" and download the appropriate software.

National Commissioner's Podcast
Quick Look at Venturing

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More National Commissioner podcasts.

 National Capital Area Council Venturing Awards Procedures Administrative procedures for submission of Venturing Awards are explained in this document.  However, with the publication of the  new Advancement Manual 2015, these NCAC procedures are under revision.  The NCAC Advancement and Recognition Committee affirms this new document is mandatory. This means the procedures, documents, criteria and guidance within the  Advancement Manual  must be followed and supersede any information in the NCAC document.



Guide to Safe Scouting Update

"Guide to Safe Scouting"  updates are here.


  Venturing Literature and Awards The NOVA Scout Shop and MSSC Scout Shop has on hand the Venturing Leaders Manuals,  the Venturer/Ranger Handbook , the Trust and Quest handbook and all of the Venturing Awards in stock.  Advancement forms submitted to the NOVA Scout Shop will be forwarded to the Council Office.



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