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Prince Georges District Training
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Classes and Seminars

• Updated Training Dates for PGD Classes for 2013-2014 (Posted 5/8/13)

Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training (CM/CA/TDL/DL/WL/MC)

14 September 2013 @ Oxon Hill Lutheran Church, Temple Hills, MD

12 October 2013 @ TBD

16 November 2013 @ Oxon Hill Lutheran Church, Temple Hills, MD

15 March 2014 @ TBD

3 May 2014 @ TBD

7 June 2014 @ TBD

13 September 2014 @ TBD

Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (SM/SA) - Code S11

14 September 2013 @ TBD

12 October 2013 @TBD

15 March 2014 @ TBD

12 April 2014 @ TBD

13 September 2014 @ TBD

11 October 2014 @ TBD

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (SM/SA) - Code S24

25-26 October 2013 @ American Legion Youth Camp, Cheltenham, MD

9-10 May 2014 @ American Legion Youth Camp, Cheltenham, MD

24-25 October 2014 @ American Legion Youth Camp, Cheltenham, MD

* Please note these dates may change or be postponed pending pre-registration prior to date.  

• Advanced Wilderness First Aid

For those of you going to high adventure bases, this training is required. It's also worthwhile training for those in units that have events where phones are unavailable or your group would be hard for EMS to reach.

• Training for "Leave No Trace" Trainer

To All Scoutmasters: It has been brought to my attention at the last Council Advancement meeting that the Scouts holding the leadership position for "Leave No Trace" leader will have to take a 16-hour course on Leave No Trace. If this leadership position shows up on an Eagle Application the Scout will be asked to provide the card showing that he has taken this course.

The troop Leave No Trace Trainer helps minimize impact on the land by teaching members the principles of Leave No Trace and improving Scouts outdoor ethics decision-making skills. The senior patrol leader may appoint a Scout, 14 years or older who has successfully completed the official 16-hour Leave No Trace training, to serve as the troop's Leave No Trace Trainer. A Scout under the age of 14, or who has not completed Leave No Trace Trainer training, may serve as an instructor teaching Leave No Trace skills until he obtains the necessary training.

To find out more go to:

This 16-hour, overnight course trains interested individuals ages 14 and up to serve as Leave No Trace Trainers.  Trainers are the backbone of Scouting's outdoor ethics program, providing instruction to individuals and units wishing to adopt cutting edge outdoor ethics into their unit programs.  Trainers are specially commissioned to teach the BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course and to qualify individuals for the BSA Leave No Trace Awareness Card.  Completion of this course or another recognized Leave No Trace Trainer course is required for a youth to hold the Boy Scout/Varsity Scout Leave No Trace Trainer position of responsibility in their unit.  Each BSA Trainer course is taught by a recognized Leave No Trace Master Educator, so your Trainer standing is recognized nationally be BSA's partner, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

• Boy Scout Leader Training

Fast Start Training

Fast Start training should be made available to every new leader within a few days of when they accepted the job. It is readily available on the NCAC website under the training tab. But while a good introduction to the program, it is just a teaser of better training to come. It is the responsibility of the unit committee, to ensure that new leaders take fast start training and then go on to complete the full training described below.

Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training provides adult volunteers with an understanding about child abuse and the youth protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America. This course is appropriate for every adult working with youth and may be mandatory to work at or participate in certain Councilor National sponsored events. Re-certification is mandatory every two years beginning January 1, 2009.

Basic Training

The new Basic Leader Training comprises two parts: This Is Scouting for all unit-level leaders and Boy Scout Leader Specific Training.

This is Scouting

This Is Scouting is an online interactive learning experience that is divided into six modules. It picks up where Fast Start left off and introduces participants to the following areas of the Scouting program. 

  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Programs for All Ages and Abilities
  • Scouting Is Fun!
  • Scouting in the Community
  • Protecting Our Youth
  • Scouting’s Legacy

This Is Scouting replaces New Leader Essentials, and can be found on the Online Learning Center. It takes about an hour to complete, and it is also available on DVD (No. 36118). Participants must correctly answer questions at the end of each module, and upon successful completion, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training (BSLST)

This is a day-long class focusing on the tasks that Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters have to deal with routinely.  It will provide you with a basic understanding of what it means to become a Boy Scout leader and how to foster and lead a boy-run, patrol method based troop.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

This is the weekend training session that is required outdoor training for all Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and Varsity Scout coaches. It is designed to address the outdoor training needs of Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee Members, Venturing leaders, and Webelos Den Leaders. Attendees will camp out using their own or shared equipment and will cook their meals in a patrol setting. Formal skills training sessions include hands-on work and information for Scouting leaders in: leave no trace, ropes (whipping, tying, lashing), woods tools (knife, saw, ax), fire site preparation & building, cooking, first aid, plant identification, camp gadgets, campfire preparation, packing & hiking techniques, map & compass reading, animal identification.

Outdoor skills are critical to the success of the Scouting program, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills will provide leaders with the basic outdoor skills information needed to start a program right.

Scoutmasters and assistant Scoutmasters are considered trained when they have completed This is Scouting, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

Please note, individuals who were trained in Scoutmaster Fundaments (SMF) or any of the previous versions of Boy Scout Leader training) need not take BSLST and/or IOLS to be considered trained.

• Committee Member Training

Committee member should attend the Troop Committee Challenge session.  This is a three hour session.  Troop committee members are considered trained when they have completed This is Scouting and the Troop Committee Challenge as their Leader Specific training.

• Wood Badge for the 21st Century

Wood Badge has evolved into the core leadership skills training course for the BSA. The new Wood Badge course focuses on strengthening every volunteer's ability to work with and lead groups of youth and adults and is less focused on outdoor skills, which are more effectively addressed in other courses.

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