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Pinewood Derby
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Goose Creek District Pinewood Derby


Here are the Pinewood Derby Car Construction Rules for the 2016 Goose Creek District Pinewood Derby.  The 2016 Goose Creek Pinewood Derby is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at Legacy Elementary School in Brambleton, VA.  An advertising brochure will be available soon.


Click here for more details about the race location.


2015 Unit Results


Here are the results from some unit derbies.  If you'd like to report your unit's results, send them to the Communications Committee.


Pack 256
Herbie H. (Webelos I)
David K. (Webelos I)
Jason G. (Tiger)
Derrick H. (Webelos I)
William H. (Bear)
Fred C. (Webelos I)
Brennan O. (Webelos I)
Robert S. (Bear)
Nate H. (Bear)
Max H. (Bear)
Webelos II:  1st: James L.  2nd: CJ H.  3rd: Byron V.
Webelos I:  1st: Herbie H.  2nd: David K.  3rd: Derrick H.  4th: Fred C.  5th: Brennan O.  6th: Dustin W.  7th: Jamie W.  8th: Julien K.
Bears:  1st: William H.  2nd: Robert S.  3rd: Nate H.  4th: Max H.  5th: Colin B.  6th: Jack M.  7th: Nathan H.  8th: Joshua L.  9th: Jayden P.  10th: Nicholas R.  11th: Nathan Y.
Tigers:  1st: Jason G.  2nd: Christopher L.  3rd: Leo T.  4th: Logan D.

Pack 965
1st Place: Samual B.
2nd Place: Adam I.
3rd Place: Noah H.
4th Place: Zachzry R.
5th Place: Keegan D.
6th Place: Cameron S.


Pack 998
Tigers:  1st: Nathan S.  2nd: Ethan K.  3rd: Jackson S.  4th: Benjamin L.  5th: Hunter M.
Wolves:  1st: Shane D.  2nd: Nathan G.  3rd: Miles H.  4th: Rohan B.
Bears:  1st: Nicholas Z.  2nd: Luke W.  3rd: Alexander J.  4th: Trevor N.  5th: Braden S.
Webelos I:  1st: Brendan S.  2nd: Saahil M.  3rd: Dominic B.  4th: Kjell Bjornar K.
Webelos II:  1st: Jack W.  2nd: Sam S.  3rd: Maxwell G.  4th: Robert B.  5th: Calvin H.


Pack 1106

1st Place: Luke B.

2nd Place: Zachary M.

3rd Place: Avery W.


Pack 1151

Grand finals:   1st: Josh B.   2nd: Todd B.   3rd: Brady R.

Tigers:   1st: Zachary B.   2nd: Matthew L.   3rd: Zaid A.   4th: Sebastian B.   5th: Ryan T.

Wolves:   1st: Michael S.   2nd: Grant D.   3rd: Sebastian C.   4th: Liam W.   5th: Logan W.

Bears:   1st: Sean N.   2nd: Charles M.   3rd: Grant M.   4th: Patrick M.   5th: Gaurav K.

Webelos I:   1st: Josh B.   2nd: Todd B.   3rd: Brady R.   4th: Manish V.   5th: Abeezar K.

Webelos II:   1st: Dominik B.   2nd: Jackson M.   3rd: William H.   4th: Sean S.   5th: Ethan M.

Siblings:   1st: Isabel B.   2nd: Gwyn M.   3rd: Natalie S.   4th: Alara N.   5th: Kylee C.

Best in Show: Grant D.
Most Scout Spirit: Todd B.
Best Blue & Gold: Dominik B.
Most Patriotic: Sam B.
Funniest: Logan W.
Scariest: Charlie M.
Most representative of Tiger Den: Anthony K.
Most representative of Wolf Den: Michael S.
Most representative of Bear Den: Gaurav K.
Most representative of Webelos I Den: Brady R.
Most representative of Webelos II Den: Ethan M.


Pack 1152

1 Connor G. "The Dragon Danger"
2 Joseph D. "Flame Racer"
3 Jack G. "Blue Flame"
4 Hudson L. "Snake Bite"
5 Jackson R. "The General"
6 Nathaniel G. "Bull Dog"
7 Aden V. "Winner"
8 Hayden C. "Lead Poisoning"
9 Aaron H. "Tsunami"
10 Nathan J. "Fire Eraser"
11 William M. "Tanker"
12 Jacob R. "Red Streak"
13 Rishab N. "Fire Wolf"
14 Daniel G. "Spike Rod"
15 Tiyam E. "Shark Wave"
1 Connor G. "The Dragon Danger"
2 Jacob R. "Red Streak"
3 Daniel G. "Spike Rod"
4 Fergus K. "Plane"
5 Garin V. "Perry 1"
6 Lucas G. "Police 911"
7 Aiden C. "Checkered Flag"
8 Colin B. "Derby"
1 Rishab N. "Fire Wolf"
2 William M. "Tanker"
3 Tiyam E. "Shark Wave"
4 Luke H. "Checker Board"
5 Colin J. "Hot Rod"
6 Cole D. "Rock Out"
1 Jackson R. "The General"
2 Nathaniel G. "Bull Dog"
3 Nathan J. "Fire Eraser"
4 Diego G. "Mr. Monkey Face"
5 Ben B. "Blue Lightning"
1 Joseph D. "Flame Racer"
2 Jack G. "Blue Flame"
3 Hudson L. "Snake Bite"
4 Lucas S. "Blobby"
5 John R. "Wii Remote"
6 Matthew P. "Carbon"
Arrow of Light
1 Aden V. "Winner"
2 Hayden C. "Lead Poisoning"
3 Aaron H. "Tsunami"
4 Lars N. "Tardis"
5 Ethan J. "The Enilnter"
6 Aidan M. "Axe Murderer"
1 Lilly C. "Lucky #3"
2 Amelia L. "Stinky Cheese"
3 Talia V. "Perry 2"
4 Bella D. "Cloud"
1 Gordon L. "Funny Car"
2 Scott C. "SC-Outlaw"
3 Brad H. "Recycled"


Pack 1500

Tigers:   1st: Jackson D.   2nd: Brendan S.   3rd: Grady M.   4th: Kyle F.   5th: Jacob O.
Wolves:   1st: Aryan J.   2nd: Sawyer H.   3rd: Brayden B.   4th: Grayson H.   5th: Dylan M.
Bears:   1st: Carter H.   2nd: Shoumik B.   3rd: David N.   4th: Peter H.   5th: William A.
Webelos I:   1st: Brandon T.   2nd: Ethan A.   3rd: Vaughn M.   4th: Kaiden C.   5th: Kato W.
Webelos II:   1st: Isaac D.   2nd: Alex C.   3rd: Travis T.   4th: Christian M.   5th: Elijah M.


Pack 1871

1st Place: Colin L.
2nd Place: Nathan S.
3rd Place: Jacob C.
4th Place: Aidan M.
5th Place: Landan G.
6th Place: Charley A.
7th Place: John S.
8th Place: Kolbe T.
9th Place: Andrew D.
10th Place: Joseph R.
11th Place: Marshall C.
12th Place: Henry P.
13th Place: Antonio R.
14th Place: Logan P.
15th Place: Thomas O.
16th Place: Charles G.

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