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Commissioner Corner
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Commissioner Corner

Our District Commissioner is Kurt Struder.

Unit Commissioner Responsibilities

The Unit Commissioner probably has one of the most demanding and important roles on the unit service team. They must be the friend, counselor, and mentor to unit leaders while operating quietly in the background. Their primary tool is persuasion, when it is necessary to recommend changes. This means that a Unit Commissioner needs to be a "people" person, a team player, one who fulfills promises, believes in the ideals of Scouting, and is adaptable and enthusiastic.

The role of the Unit Commissioner is to:

  • Maintain a close liaison with the chartered organizations and units they serve
  • Work to assure effective and active committees
  • Encourage unit personnel to participate in roundtables
  • Establish good lines of communication between unit personnel and both council and district leaders
  • Guide their units in selecting and recruiting leaders
  • Facilitate the on-time annual charter renewal of all assigned units
  • Cultivate and maintain the best possible ongoing relationship with the unit leaders. This is probably the most important role of all!
  • See that unit leadership gets adequate training
  • Constantly evaluate the success of the unit in providing a quality program and communicating the status of the unit to their Assistant District Commissioner (ADC)

Commissioner Corps Leadership

Area Position Commissioner Email
District Commissioner DC Kurt Struder
Assistant DC For Administration ADC Art Nevins
Assistant DC For New Units ADC Kevin Noll
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner BSRTC Tom Hayes
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner BSRTC Pete Hart
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner CSRTC Brian Kale
Venturing Roundtable Commissioner VRTC
Learning For Life Commissioner UC Cindy Noll
ADC - Ashburn ADC Art Nevins
ADC - LDS Packs ADC Rebecca Vorimo
ADC - LDS Troops/Teams/Crews ADC
ADC - Leesburg ADC Dan Henkel
ADC - Potomac Falls ADC
ADC - South Riding ADC
ADC - Sterling ADC Ahsan Ullah
ADC - Western Loudoun ADC Dave Carty

Units by Type and Number

Unit Commissioner Email Area
Pack 39 Ric Terrazas Western Loudoun
Pack 71 Steve Wolfson Leesburg
Pack 256 Steve Wolfson Leesburg
Pack 282 South Riding
Pack 311 Leesburg
Pack 533 Lisa Jones LDS
Pack 572 Sam Freeman Potomac Falls
Pack 663 Debbie Johnson LDS
Pack 704 Dave Carty Western Loudoun
Pack 711 Earl Hall Western Loudoun
Pack 743 Pat Phipps LDS
Pack 905 John Nelson Potomac Falls
Pack 910 Ashburn
Pack 947 Ashburn
Pack 950 Potomac Falls
Pack 951 Potomac Falls
Pack 953 Pat Phipps LDS
Pack 956 John Nelson Potomac Falls
Pack 958 Leesburg
Pack 961 Tim Ashley Western Loudoun
Pack 962 Wally Rinaldi Western Loudoun
Pack 965 Paul Christensen Leesburg
Pack 969 Dave Carty Western Loudoun
Pack 975 Brian Mcmullen Western Loudoun
Pack 982 Paul Christensen Leesburg
Pack 997 Ashburn
Pack 998 Paul Christensen Leesburg
Pack 1106 Rebecca Vorimo LDS
Pack 1148 Michael Capell South Riding
Pack 1151 Ashburn
Pack 1152 Sam Freeman Potomac Falls
Pack 1154 Ashburn
Pack 1156 Sterling
Pack 1157 Sterling
Pack 1158 Art Nevins Ashburn
Pack 1159 Ashburn
Pack 1162 Tim Ashley Western Loudoun
Pack 1164 Lisa Jones LDS
Pack 1165 Lisa Jones LDS
Pack 1167 Rebecca Vorimo LDS
Pack 1168 Debbie Johnson LDS
Pack 1173 Debbie Johnson LDS
Pack 1174 Debbie Johnson LDS
Pack 1445 Ricky Hoyback Ashburn
Pack 1483 Ashburn
Pack 1484 Ashburn
Pack 1500 South Riding
Pack 1550 Steve Wolfson Leesburg
Pack 1576 Ahsan Ullah Sterling
Pack 1666 Craig Reichow Ashburn
Pack 1733 Kurt Struder Western Loudoun
Pack 1737 Western Loudoun
Pack 1871 Potomac Falls
Pack 1999 South Riding
Pack 2010 Jeff Brandt South Riding
Pack 2013 South Riding
Troop 39 Ric Terrazas Western Loudoun
Troop 58 David King Ashburn
Troop 163 Brian Mcmullen Western Loudoun
Troop 533 Mark Nuzzaco LDS
Troop 572 Potomac Falls
Troop 663 Mark Nuzzaco LDS
Troop 711 Earl Hall Western Loudoun
Troop 743 Michael Blaylock LDS
Troop 761 Ashburn
Troop 786 Ahsan Ullah Sterling
Troop 950 John Nelson Potomac Falls
Troop 953 Michael Blaylock LDS
Troop 956 Potomac Falls
Troop 961 Dave Carty Western Loudoun
Troop 962 Wally Rinaldi Western Loudoun
Troop 966 Sterling
Troop 968 Sterling
Troop 969 Brian Mcmullen Western Loudoun
Troop 970 Sterling
Troop 982 Paul Christensen Leesburg
Troop 997 Ashburn
Troop 998 Leesburg
Troop 1106 Dave Bishop LDS
Troop 1154 Ashburn
Troop 1158 Art Nevins Ashburn
Troop 1159 Dan Henkel Leesburg
Troop 1164 Michael Harrison LDS
Troop 1165 Michael Harrison LDS
Troop 1167 Dave Bishop LDS
Troop 1168 LDS
Troop 1173 Dave Bishop LDS
Troop 1174 Michael Blaylock LDS
Troop 1430 South Riding
Troop 1550 Ricky Hoybach Leesburg
Troop 1576 Ahsan Ullah Sterling
Troop 1666 Ashburn
Troop 1910 Leesburg
Troop 1941 Ashburn
Troop 2010 South Riding
Troop 2011 Ric Terrazas Western Loudoun
Troop 2012 Jeff Brandt South Riding
Troop 2950 Kurt Struder Western Loudoun
Troop 2970 Ashburn
Crew 58 Art Nevins Ashburn
Crew 533 Mark Nuzzaco LDS
Crew 572 Potomac Falls
Crew 663 Mark Nuzzaco LDS
Crew 711 Earl Hall Western Loudoun
Crew 743 Michael Blaylock LDS
Crew 953 Michael Blaylock LDS
Crew 997 Ashburn
Crew 1106 Dave Bishop LDS
Crew 1154 Ashburn
Crew 1164 Michael Harrison LDS
Crew 1165 Michael Harrison LDS
Crew 1167 Dave Bishop LDS
Crew 1168 LDS
Crew 1173 Dave Bishop LDS
Crew 1174 Michael Blaylock LDS
Crew 1550 Wally Rinaldi Leesburg
Crew 1576 Ahsan Ullah Sterling
Crew 7070 Wally Rinaldi Western Loudoun
Team 533 Brent Mitchell LDS
Team 633 Brent Mitchell LDS
Team 743 Michael Blaylock LDS
Team 953 Michael Blaylock LDS
Team 1106 LDS
Team 1165 Michael Harrison LDS
Team 1167 LDS
Team 1168 LDS
Team 1173 Dave Bishop LDS
Team 1174 Michael Blaylock LDS
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