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Cub Scout Leader Info
Tiger Cub Rallies—It's Not Too Soon to Start Planning! With spring comes Tiger Cub Rallies. This is your pack's opportunity to recruit rising first graders before summer AND get a new Tiger Leader trained and organized.  During the summer you can invite these new Tigers to participate in your pack's activities and build a functioning Tiger den to which you can add new members recruited at Join Scouting Night in September.


The key to holding a successful Tiger Cub Rally is planning. Choose a "theme," pick a date in late May or early June, select a location, sign up your adult and Cub Scout helpers, set up a program for your rising first graders and their parents, gather the handouts together, and advertise, advertise, advertise. Then hold your rally. You might want to consider a "break-out" format where you welcome boys with their parents, then turn the boys over to your "helpers" for games and skill events while you give the parents the information they need. And, above all else, get your new Tiger Cubs involved in den and pack activities within a week or two of the rally. Make sure they are invited to the pack's summer activities. Use the summer to identify the new Tiger Leader if you weren't able to do that at the rally. And invite that Leader to your pack's fall Join Scouting Night.


To help you with planning your pack's Tiger Cub Rally, there’s an information package you can download. If you have any questions, feel free to contact District Membership Chair Larry Hume

Turning in Applications

Electronic applications are here for scouts and adult volunteers! (for units that have "turned on" the application in their "" management site. See "Tutorial" and "FAQ" below.


The Chain Bridge District membership POC is Larry Hume, e-mail to, phone no. 703.577.3048 (mobile). 

Membership questions can be addressed to Larry by email or phone, or between 7-8 pm before each CBD Roundtable (generally the 2nd Thursday of each month), or before the CBD Committee Meeting (generally 7:30-8:30 the 4th Thursday of each month).  Email or call Larry to confirm availability at a particular meeting. 


There is no longer a facsimile option available for application review.  Note that faxed or photocopied applications are not accepted by NCAC; they must receive original signatures on all applications.


Far and away, the best option is to attend Roundtable, so that the Membership Chair and District Executive can review for glaring errors and/or answer questions.  Handoff to the District Executive can then occur in person, without the need to mail or drive the applications to the Scout Service Center in Bethesda.If you do decide to ignore the above advice and drive or mail the applications to NCAC yourself, mark the envelope "personal for Michael Lee, CBD D.E.". Otherwise, you run the risk of the applications ending up in the dead letter pile without his signature.


A less desirable option is to mail or hand deliver to:  Larry Hume, 2601 S. Grant Street, Arlington, VA 22202 (corner of 23rd South Street and South Grant Street).  However, this sometimes results in considerable delays in getting the applications to NCAC, particularly if there are errors that can not be corrected on the spot, and if applications need to be returned to the unit.  

NOTE:  Unless there is some genuine urgency associated with the situation, applications received by mail or home delivery will be given to the District Executive at Roundtable or the District Committee meeting.The Membership Chair and NCAC only need you to turn in the "local council copy". 


To reduce the clutter and confusion of unnecessary papers being submitted, please omit the instruction sheet, unit, and chartering organization registration copies.  That is, only one piece of paper for a scout, and 3 pieces of paper for an adult scouter - signed disclosure form, YPT certificate, and completely filled-out application.  Units and Chartering Organizations should keep their own copies.


The District leadership strongly encourages all units to process their adult scouter and youth applications through the Membership Vice Chair in an effort to avoid the dreaded "exception" pile at Council, which may take some time to resolve.  As both rechartering and applications submitted after rechartering continue to show, this is particularly important for adult scouter applications which will not be processed without all information being filled out and YPT certifications and disclosure authorizations being provided in the required manner.

Common mistakes to avoid on adult applications


  1. Missing COR and/or Committee Chair signatures.
  2. Missing date of birth
  3. Missing SSN
  4. Missing YPT certificate
  5. Missing signed disclosure form (a separate paper that is included in the application packet)
  6. Missing unit type and number
  7. Missing position code (most common positions are listed in the instruction sheet).
  8. Missing 3 references and their phone numbers (COR should check references prior to submission of an adult application)
  9. Unit membership account at NCAC has insufficient funds (even by a few pennies holds up processing)
  10. For a "multiple registrant" (at no additional cost) in NCAC units, missing BSA ID number.

Contact Membership Chairman Larry Hume with questions or for more information



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