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Scouting for Food
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Scouting For Food in 2015 -- THANK YOU for a job well done


Thanks for all your work on Scouting For Food this year!  This is a huge and very important "Good Turn".

Please thank your scouts and leaders and congratulate them on a job well done.  We had some challenges this year (including Scouting For Food bags that did not mention Scouting for Food, and some confusion by Safeway on the process for getting permission to man a table in front of their stores). Your units overcame all  these obstacles and once again did a amazing job.


In 2015 our scouts and volunteers collected 77,259 pounds of food overall.  60,600 pounds of food were delivered to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), 13,105 pounds were delivered to SHARE of McLean, 3,020 pounds were delivered to Food For Others (FFO) and 534 pounds of late pick ups delivered to various places. 

My sense this year is that a lot of our units were working extra hard.  A Boy Scout from Troop 111 wrote a letter to the Arlington Sun Gazette  (well done!) and many of our units contacted their civic associations and go those civic associations to post reminders/information about Scouting for Food on their list serves. In addition, I think more of our units were putting fliers in the bags than in past years. 


Final Step: Reporting (please report by 10PM Wednesday November 18)
If you have not done so already, please report your units Scouting For Food contribution on two  two different sites  -- the Chain Bridge District’s SFF reporting site, and the Journey to Excellence reporting web site.  


First: report your SFF contributions to the CBD Scouting For Food reporting web site (click here)

Second, please report your service hours to the Journey to Excellence webpage (click here)


Note that participating in Scouting For Food also qualifies under Messengers of Peace (MOP) for those units/individuals who wish to earn that new patch.  Just click on MOP rather than Scouting for Food on the JTE system

We need all units that participate in Scouting For Food to report, including those units that work at the drop off sites. So if you helped with Scouting For Food in any capacity please go on line and report.  Thanks. 

If you can’t get to the SFF reporting web site, please email me, Paul Maloney, and let him know which unit(s) you are reporting for and how many adult and scout volunteers worked on the first Saturday and how many adult and scout volunteers worked on the second Saturday.  (We don’t need an estimate of man-hours, just the number of adults and scouts that worked). 


 Scouting For Food is an important service project where our scouts from all over the National Capitol Area go out and collect food donations for area food banks.  This is an extremely valuable “good turn” that is of enormous help to area food banks.  Donations collected in Arlington go to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), which is a big food bank in Arlington.  AFAC provides supplemental groceries to Arlington families in need and is currently serving 2,000+ client families a week. (see: Most donations collected in McLean go to SHARE of McLean (see: 

Click here for a guide to Scouting For Food ("The Six Steps").


 Maps to the SFF areas covered by each unit are given below (and you can download those) along with maps to the two SFF drop off sites.  Other documents you may find useful:


Scouting For Food Results 2011 to 2015 



Food Collected in pounds







Delivered to AFAC






Delivered to SHARE






Delivered to Food For Others






Delivered to various other places






Chain Bridge District Total












Adults participating






Scouts participating








Scouting for Food Maps

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Maps and other important SFF information
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Scouting For Food the Six Steps PDF (40.74 KB) P. Maloney 5/25/2015
Arlington SFF Dropoff Map 2015 JPG (315.93 KB)  more ] P. Maloney 5/31/2015
McLean SFF Dropoff Map 2015 JPG (303.78 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
Arlington South SFF area 2015 JPG (331.15 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
Arlington East SFF areas 2015 JPG (469.26 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
Arlington West SFF Area 2015 (v2) JPG (402.55 KB) P. Maloney 10/15/2015
Arlington North SFF areas 2015 (V3) JPG (481.61 KB) P. Maloney 10/25/2015
McLean Center SFF areas 2015 JPG (423.19 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
McLean North SFF areas 2015 JPG (361.99 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
McLean West SFF areas 2015 JPG (268.31 KB) P. Maloney 5/31/2015
Pack 1867/Troop 652 SFF area 2015 Version 3 JPG (389.69 KB) P. Maloney 10/25/2015
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