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Cub Scout Day Camp
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Attention Scouts, Leaders and Parents:

Chief here. The agency needs you.

You have been selected for a top secret mission. You must first qualify and attend training at the Academy. The Academy will hold training beginning Monday June 16, 2014 through Friday June 20, 2014, from 0830 to 1630

In order to complete this mission you must submit an application, registration or other paperwork to qualify for enrollment in The Academy. This applies to all Cadets, Detectives and Investigators and Intell Officers. Without proper papers, you will not qualify.
You also must submit a fee for your training. Spy Scout’s Academy costs $165.00 before April 18, 2014. The Fee is raised to $185.00 between April 18, 2014 and May 16, 2014. The final fee is $205.00 after May 16, 2014.

We recognize the importance of marketing the academy to our scouts and families. Chief and M, as well as other agents, wold welcome the chance to come visit your pack and discuss the academy with you. Please contact us at the numbers or addresses below. We have prepared fliers for Cub scout packs to issue to their scouts and families. These include:

Catoctin Mountain District CS Day Camp Flier
Catoctin Mountain District Day Camp Staff Announcement Flier

Cub Scout Packs

* * * The academy Registrar will fulfill all your registration requirements with council on your behalf  * * *

You must designate a Pack Day Camp Coordinator. Please do so without delay. The Day Camp Coordinator must contact our Academy Registrar, Ms. Nancy Farkas ASAP. Ms. Farkas will provide you with all the guidance and support you need. The following list of forms (links) will be needed in order to complete your registration/qualification process:

1 Pack Registration Instructions (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
2 Pack Registration Checklist (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
3 Pack Registration Table (Adobe Acrobat and MS Excel 2010 versions)
4 Pack Credit Card Payment Form (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)

We have seven stations including: Spec Ops, Cryptography, Covert Range, Evidence Lab, U/W Ops, Espionage Training and Cadet Academy. You won’ be recognized when you complete your training. You will need to work with you parents, leaders and Pack Day Camp Coordinator to fill out you registration form, your medical form and release form. Your paperwork will be submitted to your pack day camp coordinator. You will need the following Forms (Links) to complete your registration process:

5 Registration Form Cub Scout (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
6 Release authorization cub scout (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
7 BSA annual health & medical form parts A&B (Adobe Acrobat .PDF)

Detectives and Investigators:
As in past years, the Academy will have three levels of agents working to train our cadets.Agents will fall into the following groups:
Detectives:Male and female BSA registered adults 18 years old and older
Investigators:Male and Female Boy scouts or venturers 14 yrs old but not 18 yrs old
Interns:Male Boy Scouts younger than 14 years old

In order to qualify for an agent position at the academy, you will need to provide proper paperwork. Using the following forms (links), please complete each and submit them to the academy registrar, Ms Farkas.

Your paperwork is due to Ms. Farkas no later than March 11, 2014.
Detective Application (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
Investigator and Intern application (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
7 BSA annual health & medical form parts A&B (
Adobe Acrobat .PDF)

Investigators will be eligible for a small stipend from the agency. This stipend, $75.00 is available for use toward fees associated with Goshen Scout Reservation during the 2014 or 2015 camp season. Investigators MUST request this stipend when submitting their application.

Registration of Agent’s Son's:
Agents are eligible for a stipend in the amount of $165.00. Agents MUST request this stipend. It is available for this camp year only and only for Day Camp fee for their son. In order to receive this stipend, staff members are to submit the registration forms to Chief, (Mr. child) by April 18th. Please do NOT submit the registration information for the sons of STAFF with the PACK registration.Chief will handle the registration of all agents’ scouts.

Intell Officers
Intell officers will walk with their academy class each day. The agency requires one intell officer for every five cadets. Additionally, Cm Ranch requires that ALL cadets in the Tiger program (1st grade) must have a PARENT or GUARDIAN with them at ALL times. Unfortunately, intell officers are NOT considered Staff. For intell officers who can commit to the entire week, the agency is working to provide a small but thoughtful stipend to be paid at Camp. While this stipend has not been secured yet, we remain confident. We recognize the expense to which you have gone and your demonstration of the importance of Camp; Stay Tuned.

Intell officers also must complete paperwork in order to serve at the academy. Intell officers paperwork will be submitted to the pack day camp coordinator, once complete. Intell officers paperwork will include:

8 Intel officer registration (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
9 ntell officer release form (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
7 BSA annual health & medical form parts A&B (
Adobe Acrobat .PDF)

The agency recognizes that cadets have brothers and sisters who might not be old enough or who don’t participate in scouting. We welcome these young men and women to the academy. Apprentices also must complete paperwork in order to qualify to participate in the academy. All apprentice paperwork must be completed and submitted to the pack day camp coordinator. The following forms are needed:

10 Apprentice registration form (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
11 Apprentice Release form (Adobe Acrobat and MS Word 2010 versions)
7 BSA annual health & medical form parts A&B (
Adobe Acrobat .PDF)

This message will self destruct in….Five….four….three….two…..

If you have questions, Contact:
Camp Director:"chief”akaColby A. Child, Jr. at

Program Director:"M” akaMark Jeffrey at

Camp Registrar:
Nancy Farkas at


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