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District Honor Roll
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It is well known in Scouting that "It's all about/for the youth" and no one will dispute that. With that said, all too often the people that enable it to happen are sometimes forgotten in the shuffle and sometimes don't get the full recognition they deserve. Yes, we hand them a certificate or award but in a week, that gesture is forgotten by most. This Web page is dedicated to those Scouters in a hope that their achievements are never forgotten.





From the beginnings of Scouting in Frederick County until 2003, 59 Francis Scott Key District Scouters were honored with the coveted Silver Beaver award, the highest award that a Scout Council can present for service on the Council level. The first recipient was Dr. Ignatius Bjorlee and those that followed soon after included Harold Chichester and Rev. William Carson Royal. Naturally the list of Silver Beaver recipients reads like a Who''s Who of Scouters in Frederick County. Since 2003 and the creation of Catoctin Mountain District, this strong tradition has continued.
1939 Dr. Ignatius Bjorlee 1982 Richard U. Comstock
1940 Harold Chichester 1983 J. Pinoake Browning.
1941 Rev. William Carson Royal 1983 J. Allen Wallace, Jr.**
1946 Charles R. Utterback 1984 Norman M. Covert
1953 Richard Hammond 1985 John Ruppel
1954 Niemann A. Brunk 1986 Harry N. Burns
1956 Dr. William G. Roessler 1986 Robert L. Humphrey
1957 Rev. J. F. Minor Simpson 1987 Dr. Robert R. Rosato
1958 F. Russell Young 1988 Stuart L. Gunter
1960 Rev. William M. Weaver 1990 Joseph Davis
1961 Dr. Charles. C. Broadrup 1992 Samuel Jones*
1962 Fred W. Shaffer 1995 Brannon Thompson
1963 George J. Barthel 1999 William R. Ingram
1964 Grayson B. Haller 1999 Linda Sundergill
1965 Lt. Col. Lester L. Holmes 1999 Jim Sundergill
1966 Henry B. Wilson 2001 Timothy "Vic" Barker**
1967 Alan M. Miller 2002 George Delaplaine
1969 Rodney Willard 2003 H. H. "Jim" Robbins
1970 Charles A. Glick 2003 Richard Golling
1970 Robert H. Wilson 2006 Jane Redding**
1971 Rev. H. Austin Cooper 2007 Chuck Harris**
1972 Donald G. Schley 2008 Diane Henson
1973 Elizabeth C. Johnson* 2008 Shawn Youngberg
1973 Everett R. Johnson 2009 Fred Broadrup
1974 Lillie Stansbury* 2009 Steve Vaughn
1974 Dannie G. Stansbury
1975 Charles E. Stup
1976 Erwin Eddy
1976 Robert S. Pearsall, Jr.
1977 Shirley King
1978 Robert A. Rosensteel, Jr. * Originally called the
1979 Norman Feldser Silver Fawn award
1980 E. Paul Schelling
1980 Chester C. Staley, Sr.
1981 Samuel H. Mullen ** Now with AT District

District Award of Merit Knot

In 1977 BSA created the Award of Merit honor for exemplary service on the District level. Each District sends nominations each year to Council headquarters for its allotted number of awards. The allotments are based on the number of registered units in the District at the end of the calendar year. Districts are allowed one nominee for each 25 units or fraction thereof.

Francis Scott Key District (1977-2003)

1977 J. Allen Wallace, Jr. 1991 Ronald Layman, Sr.
Richard Henderson Jeffrey Bradshaw
Chester C. Staley, Sr. Carroll Kefauver
Samuel Mullen Brannon Thompson
E. Paul Schelling 1992 James B. MacGillivray
Robert S. Pearsall, Jr. Horace Homer "Jim" Robbins, Jr.
1978 Doris Ashenfelter John Steve Bare
Norman Feldser 1993 Timothy "Vic Barker
Karlye Hardman Frederick Pyne
1979 George G. Cashin Alex Wisnieski
Richard U. Comstock 1994 Joseph Davis
Robert Eastep Dr. John Morrill
1980 Manuel Barbelto Jami Summers
J. Paul Langley 1995 Janiece Bladen
Carman Wilhelm David Crow
1981 Dave Emos Daniel Beall
Robert C. Fulton 1996 Jack Castle
Ronald E. Nickens Russ Ingram
1982 J. Pinoak Browning Timothy B. Ganley
Robert L. Humphrey 1997 Dianne Henson
John J. Ruppel Linda Sundergill
1983 Patricia A. Alder Jim Sundergill
Norman M. Covert 1998 Karen Barker
A. Norman Lindsay Tim Gallagher
1984 Harry N. Burns John Moore
James R. Coghill 1999 Charles Poore
Dr. Robert R. Rosato Richard Golling
1985 Stuart L. Gunter R. K. Leedham
Elvin E. Polesky Greg Glover
Gregory A. Donlon 2000 Jane M. Redding
1986 Samuel Jones Vince "Zeke" Zarrella
Michael Turell Donald Vollmer
Joyce Thomas William E. Nay
1987 Etta Loveron 2001 Kevin Ollry
James McMorrow Fred Carson
Valerie Robinson Bill Schrum
1988 Charles G. Gaskin 2002 Karen Tate
Joseph Robbins Marty Sterba
John Grigg 2003 Carroll Bartlette
1989 Robert Ward Peter Bladen
Dr. Fred Broadrup Shawn Youngberg
Dr. Robert Broadrup Steve Vaughn
1990 Alan M. Miller Patrick OSullivan
Dr. William C. Roessler Kristine Pearl

Catoctin Mountain District (2004-2009)

2004 Bill Desmond 2008 David Bloxsom
Melinda Griffee Larry Boyd
George Pearl Doug OConnor
2005 Magaly Green 2009 Steve Crowe
Debbie Crabb JoAnn Jackson
Sandy Crowe Randy Johnson
2006 Deborah Ousse 2010 ?
Ed Clayson ?
Doug Tadaki ?
2007 Damon Allen
Colby Child
Shawn Matlock



Dannie & Lillie Stansbury Pack of the Year

2003-2004 - Pack 274
2004-2005 - Pack 274
2005-2006 - Pack 274
2006-2007 - Pack 270
2007-2008 - Pack 1070
2008-2009 - Pack 1070
2009-2010 - Pack ?

Richard U. Comstock Troop of the Year

2003-2004 - Troop 1070
2004-2005 - Troop 1070
2005-2006 - Troop 274
2006-2007 - Troop 270 & 274 (tie)
2007-2008 - Troop 799
2008-2009 - Troop 324
2009-2010 - Troop ?

Chuck Gaskin Team of the Year

2005-2006 - Team 886
2006-2007 - Team 324
2007-2008 - Team 324
2008-2009 - Team 324
2009-2010 - Team ?

Joe Davis Crew of the Year

2003-2004 - Crew 1070
2004-2005 - Crew 1070
2005-2006 - Crew 710
2006-2007 - Crew 324
2007-2008 - Crew 270 & 324 (tie)
2008-2009 - Crew 324
2009-2010 - Crew ?



2007 The Schaeberle Family (Jeffrey, Starr, Tyler and Alex)
2009 The Spessard Family (Nelson, Amy, Jacob, Nicholas and Abigail)



2007 Flint Wolfes Pack 271
2009 Shawn Matlock Pack 570


2009 Mike Kolbay Troop 1636

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