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Islamic Committee On Scouting

The National Capital Area Council Islamic Committee on Scouting (NCACICS) offers a variety of activities to benefit Scouts of the Islamic faith in the National Capital Area Council. The NCACICS is a committee of concerned Muslims who see as their mission the constructive use of the program of the Boy Scouts of America as a viable program with the Muslim youth living in our Nation’s Capital Area Council.

Committee Chair: Abdul Rashid Abdullah

Committee Member(s): Sharin Harun, Badria Kafala,Mahmood Qadri, Zohra Sharief, David Hunsicker,Mahmoud Hegab.

Staff Advisor: Tejas Patel

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact the Committee Chair.


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For Muslim Scouts who do not belong to any Scouting Units chartered by a Muslim Organization, please subscribe to our mailing list or contact Sharin Harun so that we will be able to assist you in your religious emblem efforts and inform you of any Muslim scouting activities in the area.