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This blog is for distributing news and announcements to Sully District units and members.


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Sully District Unit Eagle Coach and Unit Advancement Chair Training

Posted By Joseph H. Swartz, Friday, October 09, 2015

Sully Scouters,

Who:       Sully District Scouters working with Eagle Candidates
What:      Unit Eagle Coach and Unit Advancement Chairman Training on Life-to-Eagle Process
When:     Saturday, December 18 from 8:30 to 10:00
Where:    Sully District Government Center

Thank you,


-- Joe Swartz

Troop 30 Committee

Sully District Advancement Chairman

NCAC Training Chairman

Cell: 703-989-1049

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Life-to-Eagle Seminar - 17 October - Last for 2015!

Posted By Joseph H. Swartz, Friday, October 09, 2015

Life Scouts and Parents,

The last Life-to-Eagle seminar for the year will be held on Saturday, 17 October from 8:30 to 10:00 AM.

Thank you,



-- Joe Swartz

Troop 30 Committee

Sully District Advancement Chairman

NCAC Training Chairman

Cell: 703-989-1049

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Scout neckerchiefs now approved for wear with nonuniform clothing

Posted By Administration, Friday, August 21, 2015

From the official Scouting Magazine blog ( :

Scout neckerchiefs now approved for wear with nonuniform clothing

Posted on August 21, 2015 by



One uniform piece unites Scouts in all 223 countries with a Scouting program.


It’s not the button-up uniform shirt. It’s not the purple World Crest.


It’s the Scout neckerchief.


Look at pretty much any photo of a Scout or Scout leader from another country, and you’ll see those rolled-up triangles. They’re wearing Scout neckerchiefs even if they aren’t in their full, official uniform (what we in the U.S. call the field uniform).


And now, the BSA is joining them. Scout neckerchiefs, long a symbol of the movement globally, are now approved for wear by Boy Scouts of America members whether in or out of uniform.


This line on page 12 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia, 2015 edition, confirms the change:


When engaged in Scouting activities, members may wear the neckerchief with appropriate nonuniform clothing to identify them as Scouts.


Previously, according to an earlier version of the Guide, the Scout neckerchief was “worn only with the official uniform and never with T-shirts or civilian clothing.”


Why the change?

  • Removing restrictions for neckerchief wear brings the BSA in line with other members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
  • The neckerchief, as recommended by Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell, can be a tool for first aid. It can work as a sling, tourniquet or bandage.
  • Scout neckerchiefs identify Scouts as Scouts, even when they aren’t in uniform.
  • The neckerchief looks cool — just ask Bear Grylls.

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BSA Amends Adult Leadership Standards

Posted By Administration, Monday, July 27, 2015

From the official Scouting magazine blog (

BSA amends adult leadership standards; here’s what the change means for your Scout unit

Today, the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board ratified a resolution that removes the national restriction on openly gay adult leaders and employees. The change is effective immediately.


Of those present and voting, 79 percent voted in favor of the resolution.


Today’s decision allows openly gay adult leaders to serve in Scouting while preserving the right of religious chartered organizations to continue to select adult leaders in line with their religion’s beliefs on sexual orientation.


In other words, the longstanding ability of chartered organizations to select their adult leaders remains in place.


Scouting families — both current and future — can select units chartered to organizations that match their beliefs and that best meet the needs of their families.


“For far too long this issue has divided and distracted us,” BSA President Dr. Robert M. Gates said in a statement released after the vote. “Now it’s time to unite behind our shared belief in the extraordinary power of Scouting to be a force for good in our community and in the lives of its youth members.”


You’re probably wondering how today’s vote will affect your family, your Scout unit and your local council. You might want to know what’s changing and what isn’t. You’ll find those answers below.


What is changing?

  • Today’s vote removes the national and local council restriction on openly gay adult leaders and employees, effective immediately.

What’s not changing?

  • The values of “duty to God” and “a Scout is reverent” found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law remain central to Scouting.
  • Chartered organizations will continue to select their adult leaders. Only religious chartered organizations may continue to use religious beliefs as criteria for selecting adult leaders, including in matters of sexuality. The BSA will defend religious chartered organizations that select their leaders based on good-faith religious beliefs.
  • Scouting’s members and parents select units that are chartered to organizations with beliefs consistent with their own.
  • The youth membership policy, adopted in 2013 and stating that no youth may be denied membership in the BSA based on sexual orientation, remains unchanged.
  • Everyone who is a registered member of the BSA agrees to follow national policies and comply with the BSA’s behavioral standards.

How everyone is affected

You can read above how youth members, adult volunteers and chartered organizations are affected by the policy.


Everyone in the Scouting family should remember that Scouting isn’t the place to discuss sexual conduct. While there is no national or local council restriction on openly gay adults serving as leaders or employees, everyone agrees to follow national policies and comply with the BSA’s behavioral standards.


BSA employees may not be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, and the BSA will continue to follow all local, state and federal employment laws. For all staff positions that require BSA membership, the BSA will consider all qualified and eligible persons for hire without regard to their sexual orientation.


How we got to here

At the BSA’s National Annual Meeting in May, Dr. Gates asked the Scouting family to reflect on the challenges facing Scouting, specifically regarding our adult leadership standards.


In his remarks, which you can watch or read on Scouting Newsroom, the BSA’s top volunteer leader challenged the BSA to act — “sooner rather than later.”


He said we must “seize control of our own future, set our own course and change our policy in order to allow chartered partners — unit-sponsoring organizations — to determine the standards for their Scout leaders.”


This approach, Dr. Gates said, “would allow all churches, which sponsor some 70 percent of our Scout units, to establish leadership standards consistent with their faith. We must, at all costs, preserve the religious freedom of our church partners to do this.”


Moreover, Dr. Gates said, we cannot “ignore the social, political and juridical changes taking place in our country — changes taking place at a pace over this past year no one anticipated.”

The BSA’s National Executive Committee crafted a resolution and adopted it earlier this month. That prompted today’s ratifying vote by the volunteer members of the National Executive Board.

The 71-member National Executive Board, led by Dr. Gates, is the governing body of the National Council. The board is composed of elected members, regional presidents and appointed youth members.


Under the BSA’s national bylaws, decisions like the one made today are the responsibility of the Executive Committee and National Executive Board.


Where we go from here

Basically, your unit can continue business as usual. If your Scout unit belongs to a religious chartered organization, that chartered organization may continue to select leaders in line with its religious beliefs.


As for questions about subjects like sleeping arrangements or public displays of affection or the like, the BSA continues to be guided by strict behavioral standards. As has always been the case, sexual issues should never be discussed in a Scouting context. Leaders who violate these rules may be removed from Scouting.


Most important, the life-changing experiences you, the volunteer leader, help deliver to youth every day will continue. Those innumerable incredible moments Scouts and Venturers only find in Scouting aren’t going anywhere.


The BSA has 2.4 million youth members and nearly 1 million adult volunteers. Some variances in our beliefs are to be expected. In fact, Scouting teaches its youth members and adult leaders to be tolerant and respectful of different religious and moral beliefs, acknowledging that reasonable minds may differ.


So let’s focus on what unites us. We’re all here for the same reason: reaching and serving youth and helping them grow into phenomenal adults. That shared mission helps us accomplish incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.


How to contact the BSA

If you’re a member of the Scouting community with questions or comments, please email


Where to read and see more


Read Dr. Gates’ remarks here.


Scouting Newsroom has more coverage of today’s vote.

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Sully District Awards Night - Call for Nominations

Posted By Daniel Kurtenbach, Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sully District Awards Night


We will hold our annual Sully District Recognition and Pot Luck Dessert Evening on Friday, April 17th.  You will shortly be receiving an invitation from our District Chairman, Hondo Davids.  A highlight of the evening is the presentation of awards to adult volunteers from every unit.*


* Sadly, some units submit no names, missing out on the opportunity to recognize two of their adult volunteers for service to the unit and to Scouting.


We are asking each unit to to submit the names of two adults from your unit to be presented with Sully District Awards.  


            Unit Appreciation Award – Presented by the district to honor a Scouter or parent volunteer selected by the unit for outstanding service within the unit.


            Unit Commissioner’s Unit Scouter Award –Presented by the district’s Unit Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners to honor a Scouter for noteworthy contributions to the quality of the unit in which he or she is registered, based on excellent performance of duty, actions taken during a crucial period, or sustained service to the unit.  This should be a registered Scout leader.


In addition to those individual awards available to every unit, each year the district presents the Outstanding Chartered Partner Award to recognize one chartered organization in the district for its efforts to advance Scouting.  A chartered organization may be nominated by a unit, or by a member of the District Committee or District Key 3.


Guidelines – Each submission/nomination should be accompanied by a brief (up to three lines), specific statement of the service being recognized that will be read aloud at the award presentation.  Write the nominations in Word in the format below, and attach them to your email.  Use sentences, not bullets.  Send to Randy Young at  It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Sample Format – “Unit Appreciation Award - Pack 1234 nominates Suzie Smart, our Treasurer, for four years of service to our Pack. She balanced the books, kept track of our wreath sales event, and helped us achieve gold level in the Journey to Excellence.”  Use the same format for the Unit Commissioner’s Award.  For the individual awards, you don’t have to convince the Committee; if you like ‘em, we will love ‘em, and each will be recognized.  The Chartered Partner Award may go into more detail, since only one Chartered Partner will be recognized for the District.


Deadline – 10 April.  Last year we had over 50 great Scouters to recognize.**  It takes time to prepare the certificates.  Please get your nominations in early. If you have questions please write me at the email address above.


** This means that about half of our units passed up a chance to say a really nice “Thank You” to some very deserving adults.

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Pinewood Derby/Bake-Off THIS WEEKEND

Posted By Daniel Kurtenbach, Monday, March 09, 2015

Saturday, March 14th

Liberty Middle School Cafeteria

6801 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA


Racers and Bakers:


No kidding, it’s going to happen; we will have our annual Sully District PWD and Parent/Son Bake-Off competitions—hurray! We had to find a new venue to hold a Saturday event—thank you to the programs committee for their quick action. That said, to work within our event budget, we will have a compressed schedule for racing, which I have included below, Bake-Off times are the same as last year—see below racing times. Also, we will relax the attendance rules to allow all cars to race. As we did last year, we will have parent volunteers working with the track operators to shuttle  cars from the finish line to the starting position. Because of this procedure, should a scout have other commitments due to the change in the race date, we can have the track team run his car and a Pack representative accept his award should the car win won. Please contact me with any questions.


Saturday, March 14th

Liberty Middle School Cafeteria

6801 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA

Early morning thru 1:30 p.m.

Track 1 Racing

Tiger Check in 09:30-10:00

Tiger Race 10:00-11:00

Tiger Awards

Bear Check in 10:30-11:00

Bear Race 11:00-12:00

Bear Awards

AOL Check-in 11:30-12:00

AOL Race 12:00-13:00

AOL Awards


Track 2 Racing

Wolf Check in 09:30-10:00

Wolf Race 10:00-11:00

Wolf Awards

Webelo Check in 10:30-11:00

Webelo Race 11:00-12:00

Webelo Awards

Championship Check in (After AOL Conclusion)

Championship Race

Medal Presentation


Bake Off Check in 10:00-11:00

Bake Off Judging 11:00-12:00

Bake Off Awards


John Ferguson

Sully District PWD and Parent/Son Bake-Off Coordinator


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Recruiting 2-4 New Sully District Eagle Representatives

Posted By Joseph H. Swartz, Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sully Scouters,


Want to be involved in growing future leaders?  Want to uphold the highest standards of Scouting?  Consider volunteering as a Sully District Eagle Representative (DER).  The Sully DER team is looking for a few good men and women and is actively recruiting 2-4 new Sully DERs!


The DER is the Council's representative; responsible for meeting with Eagle Candidates from the Sully District and providing baseline guidance that meets the National Council and National Capitol Area Council (NCAC) guidelines as well as mentoring as the Candidates complete their trail to Eagle. They conduct Life-to-Eagle seminars for scouts and scouters to ensure our youth have all the tools on their path to Eagle.  They are a resource to troop committees, adult leaders and youth regarding the Eagle Scout requirements. They approve Eagle service projects, provide counsel to Eagle candidates and are the NCAC’s representative to Eagle Boards of Review (EBOR).


DER Basic Requirements are: (1) be a current Registered Scouter, (2) be current in Youth Protection Training (YPT), (3) have experience with a Scouting unit or have earned your Eagle Scout.


As a Sully DER, you will be required to complete initial and recurring training.  Training is mandatory. The initial training ensures you have a mastery of the Eagle process before jumping in and the recurring training provides access to best practices and requirement changes.  You will be provided with mentoring by an existing Sully DER to help you as you get started.


Our next DER training and collaboration meeting will be in March 14, 2015.


I am accepting self-nominations as well as recommendations. Please provide:


      1. Full name
      2. Home address
      3. Preferred phone number
      4. Preferred email address
      5. Short bio describing your experience working with Scouts


Thank you,




Joe Swartz
Sully District Advancement Chairman

NCAC Training Chairman

Cell: 703-989-1049

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Sully Activities Committee Thur, 1/29 7pm

Posted By Administration, Thursday, January 29, 2015
Sully District,


Just a reiminder that the Sully District Activities Committee meets just prior to Hondo's DIstrict Committee (see below). Same place (LDS Chapel), 7-8 pm.
We will discuss feedback from the Klondike Derby and review plans and actions for the District Pinewood Derby/Bakeoff (21 Feb).
For Klondike Derby feedback, I welcome all comments on what you liked, didn't like, recommendations for changes and improvements. All inputs will become part of planning for the next Klondike. If you can't make the meeting, please take a moment to send me an e-mail with your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
Dave Weisz
Sully District Activities Chairman

On 01/28/15, [SullyDist] wrote:
Sully District,
All are invited to attend the Sully District Committee meeting which will be held on Thursday 29 Jan 15 from 8-9PM at the LDS Chapel 14911 Willard Rd, Chantilly.
Please see the attached agenda.
Hondo Davids
Sully District Chairman

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Sully District Committee Meeting, Thur 1/29

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sully District, 


All are invited to attend the Sully District Committee meeting which will be held on Thursday 29 Jan 15 from 8-9PM at the LDS Chapel 14911 Willard Rd, Chantilly.

Please see the agenda below.
Hondo Davids
Sully District Chairman



Sully Committee Meeting

Jan 29, 2015; 8:00-9:00 PM

LDS Chapel, 14911 Willard Road, Chantilly, VA 20151




Call to Order and Welcome R. Hondo Davids


Minutes, Review and Approval


Report Order of the Arrow, Josiah Daniel / Chris Miller


Vice Chairman Reports Membership, Doug Carlson

Finance, Aaron Bills

Activities, Dave Weisz

Advancement, Joe Swartz

Camping/Outdoor, Dan Kurtenbach

Training, Mike Sorah


Old Business - Klondike Derby Wrap-up

- Pinewood Derby / Bake Off 21 Feb

- University of Scouting 28 Feb

- Re-Charter Packet Turn In

- Sully District Awards Banquet 17 April?

- Other


New Business - Vice Chair Appointment Confirmation – Mike Sorah/Dan Kurtenbach

- Sully District Map / Commissioner Plan

- Sully District Golf Tournament 14 Sep

- Roundtable Midway

- NCAC Clay Shoot 8 May

- Popcorn Report

- Sully District Cub Scout Day Camp (Day Camp School 6-8 Mar)

- Sully District Bicycle Rodeo Wed 15 July?

- Other


District Commissioner's Minute Randy Young


District Executive’s Minute Greg Brown







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Counselor’s Compass Now Available

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Counselor’s Compass Now Available 

The Boy Scouts of America announces a new informational resource entitled "Counselor’s Compass." This publication, to be issued as an e-newsletter, will support merit badge counselors in four ways:

Things to do. What new counselors should do prior to counseling a merit badge, such as become familiar with Guide to Advancement and the educational presentation, Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling, available under "Advancement Educational Presentations" at .

Steps for Success. Helpful tips for both new and experienced counselors as they work with Scouts, such as the importance of using the latest pamphlet and requirements.

Glad You Asked. Articles that address commonly asked questions sent to

News You Can Use. Merit badge fun facts and information on new badges.

Subscribing to Counselor’s Compass is easy: Send an email message to, with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. Indicate your name, email address, and council in the message text. The Compass may also be accessed online at: -- just scroll down to the "Merit Badges" section.

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