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Blog for members of the NCAC COPE group to discuss Project COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience).


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Seeking adults who want to make a difference

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, August 23, 2015

This request is NOT directed to you. If you have an account in NCAC and regularly follow event, you are already doing more than your fair share. You do not need another job. But, I bet if you would take a breather from the "one hour a week" work you're doing, you might know someone who is concerned about their future, their community, the future of their children and relatives. Perhaps they are hanging back because they are not able to commit to camping, hiking, and similar outdoor activities. Perhaps their work is too demanding.

There is a program for them.

I need their help and I know they will benefit from it, because everyone who has been involved has gotten value from it.

I'm talking about our challenge program, aka COPE (please keep reading; the acronym is a downer, but the program is awesome).

If you know something about corporate team building, experiential learning, Project Adventure, "The Daring Way™", Raccoon Circles, etc., you know a bit about the COPE program. Our program needs staff, especially adults, who can facilitate sessions.

Adult leaders need the sessions we can provide to help the youth in their groups. After a recent session, Scoutmaster told us:

"I'm sure you'll hear from us again.  The PLC (Patrol Leader Council) has already listed COPE as a 2015-2016 activity.  You saw less than half our Troop due to schedule conflicts.  Those who participated are crowing about how much they enjoyed it, and the others are now understandably jealous."

This was followed by a father who was at the session:

"Hear hear!  Please let me add my thanks for a terrific experience.  I was taking lots of mental notes for my own use throughout the day, honestly. I have to say that I think the event had a real impact on [my son] - he had a blast and while I don't want to over-analyze, he seems "different" this week - in a really good way."

What's in it for that adult who has "one hour a week"? I got the following from a past course Director:

"COPE was something that changed our lives and it was very fulfilling for us to give that same feeling to so many youth and adults alike.  Our lives are very different now; family, careers, etc... from when we were involved."

I discovered the program too late to benefit the boys and adults when I was a Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster. Boys and girls in my Venture Crew were helped when we started using the program.

People are realizing they and those they lead need help through experiential learning.

I have a program that will enable the right people to be able to deliver that help.

I need people willing and able to commit to being a staff member.

Please help by putting me in touch with those people so we can get them training (it's on our calendar).


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Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ticks can be nasty. Fortunately, they are highly sensitive to Permethrin.


You can purchase sprays from REI, Walmart, etc. (Sawyer's is typically cited; 0.5% Permethrin) or you can mix your own (buy quart of 36.8% from and try a rate of 2 oz Permethrin to 1 gallon of water). [NOTE: I see the DIY Pest Control is currently recommending a new product, Tick Block, for treating clothing. Will need to find an affordable supplier.]

Please note that wet Permethrin is TOXIC to cats, fish, and birds.


Personally, I prefer to treat my SHOES and CLOTHING, and NOT the ground.

My issue is with ticks, mites, and chiggers attacking people, not ticks minding their own business.

And I don't want to add toxic material to the ground water.

How safe is it? Compared to alternatives, pretty good. Check out the facts from the University of Rhode Island at Their guide to tick identification is done very nicely! Liz J. found that source of info. Thanks, Liz!


How effective? Check out Off and dying in 60 seconds after crawling over dried clothing! Joe S. found a tick on him during the May 9th Field Day. One light spray of my mix of Permethrin and it was dead on contact!

Remove method using a straw and knot (at the 2 min point of look interesting.


Why do I dislike ticks?

At age 14, my son developed 2nd stage Lyme's Disease. I hope no other parent will go through the weeklong 24x7 bedside vigil in a pediatric ICU due to their child having an infected pericardium. Particularly when one of the possible reasons for getting bitten was a father-son overnight hike.

The Rhode Island site has discussion of other diseases (e.g., allergy to red meat!). Now that I think of it, I'm going to treat the inside of my sleeping bag to a Permethrin spray and dry cycle.


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Non-Scouter wants session? No problem! Here're the forms.

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Suppose a non-Scouter wants to participate in a COPE session. Standards require at least a "hold harmless" agreement, aka an "activity consent form". These forms are found on Look for "Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian"

By the way, if you see any logical reason for arranging the documents in this order, please leave a comment.

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Mini-Manual (draft)

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, May 03, 2015

Imagine you've climbed to the top of the zip line, and you realize you've forgotten to bring a tether. No problem, because you have your trusty assistants on the ground below, right? But how can they be certain which tether to bring you? Or you're setting up the Mohawk Walk and the Wild Woozy. Each uses a pair of turnbuckles, but which pair? And do you need a wrench? How many?

That's the motivation behind the mini-manual; to document the best practices for each course, beginning with the Camp Snyder course.

Two versions are available:

Please provide comments and suggestions to the author(s) at

Thanks in advance.

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University of Scouting coming. COPE to be there!

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, February 08, 2015

University of Scouting is coming. I'd like to get thoughts on the proposed presentation.

Please click here to download.

Send comments to

And please let me know if you would like to assist me.


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New Climbing/COPE Manual!

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Saturday, January 17, 2015
Hey EVERYBODY! There's a new manual for our climbing and COPE program. You can download a copy from It has a lot of great information. Check it out now!

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What must be done so a non-Scout group could use BSA property (e.g., attend a COPE session)?

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Friday, September 12, 2014

BSA policy says [need citation]:
"The non-Scout group using the property must agree to repair, replace or pay for any and all damage attributable to their usage. The non-Scout group must sign an Organizational Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement and provide the Council with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverage in effect (including Contractual Liability, which will cover the Hold Harmless Agreement). This Certificate of Insurance must state that the limits of liability are at least $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit. The above coverage applies to General Liability."


The organization would need to fill out, and send copies to Council and the hosting camp:
-Organizational Hold-Harmless And Indemnity Agreement
-Letter of Agreement For Camp Use
-Certificate of Insurance Liability Coverage (must list Council as the holder)


National Capital Area Council, BSA
9190 Rockville Pike
Bethesda MD


Camp Snyder:
Camp William B. Snyder
6100 Antioch Rd
Haymarket VA,  20169

Download File (PDF)

 Attached Files:

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Catching up with good ideas

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, August 24, 2014
Got an e-mail from the Colonial District training chairman regarding a posting by Mike Meenehan. Mike had posted a "last opportunity to get training" and the re-posting was a strong outreach to the CD scout leaders and to all the CD committees.  A real wake-up call. Once again, Mike is showing how a Council program organizer should do their job! I've been neglecting an easy "lift" to communicate the message about Climbing and COPE. Tell the District Training Chairs!
But how to get in the flow?
Found an e-mail dated 2013-09-18 from Dan Kurtenbach about Yahoo! groups, particularly Train82.
Another case where I'd not used the good stuff provided by the folks doing the heavy lifting for Council.
Thanks, Dan!

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Changes to pages (needed!)

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Sunday, August 24, 2014
Need the following changes made to the site:
1. Name change. James M. has volunteered to lead development of a Climbing program
a. Site name must change to reflect the new offering; need name changed from "COPE" to "Climbing / COPE".
b. James M. should be allowed permission to update the site.

2. Communication. There are separate e-mails for discussing Climbing and for discussing COPE:
a. Climbing:
b. COPE:

3. Event registration. If there are only two types of calendars to which to publish events (Council and Committee), the following events need to be published accordingly: 




COPE course / climbing tower post-season inspection; support Family Weekend

8/30/2014 – 8/31/2014


COPE Level 1 Instructor training



COPE Field Day



COPE Session



COPE Session



Committee meeting



COPE Session



COPE Field Day



COPE Session



Committee meeting



a. Sessions (9/27, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1) require two registration pages, one for staff (viewable only to staff) and a second for the unit. Ideally, all staff could view the unit registration. At least the director for the session should be able to view all registrations.
b. Training sessions (9/12-9/14) require two registration pages, one for staff (viewable only to staff) and a second for each student. Ideally, all staff could view the student registration. At least the lead instructor (staff) should be able to view all registrations.
c. Committee events (meetings and field days; 9/20, 10/25, 11/2) require a single registration page (for staff). All can view the description of the event, but only staff can view the registration.

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Changes to COPE pages

Posted By Anthony Waisanen, Friday, December 06, 2013

Attended the Webmaster training session on 2013-12-07.

  1. Upcoming events. Includes Council-wide events, not COPE events, which visitors to the COPE pages would expect to find. Can a filter be included?
  2. Blog. Moved to left (wider) side of page. Right side was too narrow. Blogs (IMHO) are for concise statements.
  3. Event signup. Need sign up for multiple types of events:
    1. Facilitation sessions. Maximum of 30 students per session (need the Committee to define a minimum per group). Typically one full day comprised of two half-day sessions. Requires non-refundable deposit for the group. Balance is due at start of session. Two staff required per group. Maximum of two adults allowed as observers. [Group committment, non-refundable down payment.]
    2. Instructor sessions. Minimum of 6 students, maximum of 20 students. Requires minimum of 3 fully qualified staff, prefer 5-7. Session is from Friday 1700 hrs to Sunday 1500 hrs. Following training, students must help facilitate at least two (2) sessions while being monitored by senior staff. [Individual committment, fee.]
    3. Committee sessions. Quarterly. Purpose is to review and approve the operation of COPE in NCAC. Attendance limited to committee members or COPE advocates interested in supporting the program. [Individual committment, no fee.]
    4. Field days. Limited to COPE-qualified individuals. Purpose of sessions is to maintain the course facilities or the competence of the individuals, both low element and high element. [Individual committment, no fee.]
  4. Forum. Maybe?
  5. Layout. Alternative? Can anyone suggest a page that has a more appropriate layout?

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